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wednesday 27/05/2009

Close please got my trade

Pm me so that we can make a deal

For 14000 no more no less thats all I got.also I will give u some high level la junta members python,trish,naginata

Buying cheap marina..
6k pls

Okay some of you may have seen my preset going around
have a look green face support the cause smiley

you may have also notices that gran vista has shot up to 800-900 clintz smiley well thats thanks to me, ive been buying them all, and im aiming for 100 gran vistas and im currently at 86 so i need 14 more

id prefer for low prices

Buying Nellie for 1.1k
Pm for a faster response.
Thank You

Sorry for double post but i forgot to mention tanreava is 0 expsmiley

800 for Shann

I'm poor at the moment so if someone would like to sell them to me for 1.5k id really appreciate it

tuesday 26/05/2009

I can offer 8500 plus some cards to trade to make up for the price

She is running at about 475 on the market...Ill buy her at 400 again...just put her in my box...

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You private sale

Ok i buy

Ill do it

The title says it all if not satisfy pm me for offer

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