friday 03/04/2009

thursday 02/04/2009

Oh..... so is there an auction or not?? i was going to buy the Winston cards, but if there isn't an auction then i'll buy a sylth instead.

Mods thank you for your time
i bought one
This can be closed please

smileyCLOSE THREAD smiley

He want then to level up, why not look at the pfull selling threads.

Got 2 shann and 1 willy ready 2 sellll

Close please

i will trade it for 2k

Im on a really tight budget. anyone willing to sell their's for 900 clintz? thankssmiley

I'm looking for Tessa CR, any level.

My budget is 125000 clintz, but I assure you I will buy the first offer made really quickly.

Just send the trade offer thanks!

Close please

Please close

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Eklore Sold

Morphun and AshiGaru left

I have all of your requested cards.

Please PM me and we'll negotiate.

I'll buy them all, put them in my private trade

Selling vladimir maxed out for 1200 clints

I have hikosun i will sell it for that

wednesday 01/04/2009

For 3k. I no it less than 75% but i've been having a really hard time scrounging up clintz

Dont blame u he kinda sucks

Close plz nvr mind

Sold , close plz

Got kerozinn cr already, please close.

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