wednesday 01/04/2009

1600 clintz
pm me

Please close this post...i thought this one didnt make it to the message board so i made another one and now have 2 of the same posts going


I have Naginata and would like Katan, any level.

Come on, guys! =P

My Kiki Cr 0xp for your Kiki Cr Full + 500 000 clintz.. Pm me if interested.. smiley

Sorry, cats were sold. pls close this thread pls.

thanks. smiley

tuesday 31/03/2009

He won't be able to sell something ever again. Srry, 0UM-Ao_Kiji, don't count on this deal.

I would like to trade my Jeeves card for Edd or Havok.

Anyone have Gina Glitt that they would part with for 350 clintz?

I have hattori .
i want lea , anita suzie and bobby

Hi there currently Morphun is 32-33k jackie is around the same but i am willing to add 1k on top to trade for jackie

thanks mods

I'll give you 60k and Kolos for Kerozinn. Anyone interested?

Offering 33 Jessie for Kerozinn cr
46 Jessie for Tessa cr

Lennox can

I have petra. do you still need one?

Ah, found it. Thankssmiley

Please put it on the market my friend, nobody is going to buy ur Vansaar for that price..smiley


I'm looking for a deal (paying less) not paying more then the market

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