monday 27/04/2009

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Got kreen



Buying jackie for 25000. Send me a private sale. Clintz on hand.

close subject please

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As cheap as possible plz, around 4000

Close plox

Ill take him put him in my pv

Joke lng..XD

Im trading Lamar Cr, Vickie Cr , Seldnor Cr, plus 29k plus hawk and dayton for dragan please pm if you want to trade .

All the cards are full xp.

I am needing to increase the amount of cards offered in our lotto.

am willing to buy any card offered for 50 clintz.

have ten of the same thing. send bullmn a private sell for 50.

any cards you would graciously donate to this cause would be appreciated.

thanks in advance

I meant close the subject, mods...smiley

I will buy Bodenpower for 1800

Why would you need so many of them?

sunday 26/04/2009

Im looking for an askai card any level for around 5-6k will nagotiate price if needed

For 37k PM me

Close please

I have marco 0xp make an offer

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