sunday 26/04/2009

For Shakra alone, i will give:

Glosh or Suzie

I will change my price to 300 or 400 clintz.

Hey i have chikko and i can give him to you for practically half the price it is on the market
(about 5000 clintz)

For 1300 clintz
pm me if ur interested

I am selling them for 600 clintz.

I would like this to be closed smiley


Lol, he is like 200 on the market.
He/she means Mo DiFalco from Uppers.

I pay 100k on vickie cr...
msg me fast

Im selling zatman for 15.000 clintz! if you want him pm dont wrote on this subject

1k for Scopica (U)

Ill trade my dorian for your hawk, lehane, dayton, aurelia yes that a dicount to u by about 1k

Please close this one, Mods. Thanks!

Modz, please close. Thanks!

I just got one, thanks close please

Sellin Level 3 Charlie 0 exp for 14, 700

Im looking for franky hi from uppers for 200 clintz

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