friday 27/03/2009

This will not send you the card back... dont deal with him at all.

Ill trade tanaereva for all nightmare clan.
(ill give the tana)

Please close thread

Thanks so much. I am a happy, happy UR nerd!smiley

I'll buy both..PM me,plz

Close please smiley

thanks for Titto23 that willingly to trade his ongh with my chikko cr

Ill trade my shakra + 12k for your kolos


Both Gone

Uhm... guys check the date on the start post... it's January 18th... I doubt whether he still has the cards, let alone is willing to sell it at those prices.

Umm Who Wants To Trade Bruce For Silman

I've only got 457 clintz and I really want to get my hands on some Fang Pi Clang cards, particularly Kerozinn Cr, Ryuichi, and Chan...

I can't really afford Kerozinn no matter what unless you're feeling VERY generous.

I have many low value cards for trade

Some Higher value cards include
Loma Noju Bodenpower Lennox Rolph Toro Gibson Bryan Bridget Fabio Ottavia Azel Ielena Nistarok Katan Burt at 2* Oxen Dieter.......

Please keep in mind that Chan's value will be dropping shortly..
NOT INTERESTED in trades that are not very close to EVEN or in my favor... otherwise I'd just sell on the market.

Looking to buy aurora 2676 and counting up in class all my money goneee!

I'm looking for as many copies of Lilith as possible.
I need her at 0 exp / 1 star.
Will pay between 250-350 clintz per copy.

The tittle says it all
pm if you are interested

84k and thats all
cmon people someone must need her

Post your offers! I desperately need tanaevra

Pm me if intersted i can sell my allstars for shann

I have steve at level you have any other cards to trade?smiley

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