wednesday 29/04/2009

Ill do it

Yea PM me

Close please

K reserve it and ill buy ongh

My Zatman and Dorian


marina copper and stiker

You know what im nt spending my time arguing hy to sell her or not just close

Trading my non cr roots for non cr montana

pm me if interested

Please close mods.

6k or Best offer
pm me plz

Jessie was bought...close plz mods

The title says it all.thanks.smiley

I have 2 hugos lvl 2 and 1

60000000000 c for each, jking 500 for plat

tuesday 28/04/2009

Still looking for a vickie cr

im offering 110k in cards

market price is about 111k and minus 5% makes my 110k a great deal

Ill take it

You got yourself a deal

I have a fully lvled timber, 2 fully lvled vansaars and one 1 lvl Bridget

I would sell 2 you for 800 interesteD?

I got just bout all the piranhas just tell me who you want

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