friday 27/03/2009

Pm me if intersted i can sell my allstars for shann

I have steve at level you have any other cards to trade?smiley

Selling 5 timbers 0 xp 1k a piece pm if intrested.

Hi, I do not have much money and I was wondering if someone could sell me their Ratanha for 4500-5000 clintz.

Close this please

thursday 26/03/2009

To be honest, I don't pay attention to price spikes/drops. I'm too busy with other things. I make these kinds of posts in at least 4 minutes, I just look at the current price of the card and slap it into my calculator.
Im surprised your the first to notice, Fast is Fun, if it was THAT much of a margin.

I am selling a few of the Winstons smiley but for each that I sell I will remove the value of one Winston from the cost. So keep bidding as if you were paying for 50 but I will remove the cost at the end.

Close pls smiley

For 3.5k please it only 500 clints less than market price anyone just pm me

Close pleasesmiley

I have guru cr 0xp.. and i'll need lyse teria cr.. pm me if you have offers.. thanks..

Close this subject ,plz

I buy him, please close. Thanks moderators smiley
P.S.: very pleasantly when requirements are executed.smiley

Close plz i'm gonna do it separately

Do you want Lost Hog

Please lock this subject, I have a zatman now

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