sunday 12/04/2009

Mate, this thread is almost 2 months old..
close pls

Ill take that trade.

Well last ngiht he was 23k

Try the french forums.
you got better luck theresmiley

I have a maxxed out Ela Cr and I'm selling her for 145 000, however if u do not have the 145 000 i'm willing to sell her for 80 000 if you can add a miss twice cr. I will sell her for 60 000 if you add a miss twice cr and a ongh.

I am looking to trade the ulu watu clan, minus the crs, for a cr of around 80k. please make your offers here or via pm. smiley

Pm me. . or post offers here. . .

I'll buy she for 3400 clintz!!!
pls sell me!

I'm still looking for a Dorian... trading Hawk + 1000 clintz!

On post 77 lee12308 asked the thread to be closed Mods smiley

Close the topic please. I have lots of cards in my sells, so if they want TRADE, look my profile page. smiley

Close this mods thnx

Pls. close. i have it all

Hi I'm Search For copies of Sylth or ongh !0 sylth or 6 ongh For thaumaturge cr
Sexy kitty

Do u accept cards

Vansaar(leader) 550 clintz
Brutox(Gheist)-125 clintz
Luba(Gheist)-200 clintz
Meyen(Gheist)-225 clintz
Nina(Gheist)-240 clintz
Myke(La Junta)-100 clintz

I thought it you have that much money.

Mods please close this

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