tuesday 21/04/2009

Please close.

Sold, can be closed

Looking to buy All Stars. I would prefer to buy the good ones, but not bothered naming them all out.
Pm me with offers or post them up.
Also looking for Marco for around 22k.

The title says it all

This can be closed please smiley

Yeah really.....I could buy one for half your price. Ridiculous bro. lol

Please close, I just got one on the market for 6k

Pls close

Close pls

Yeah what they said

Eyrton for greow
alexei for scotty

What about randy for lihoi chunsmiley decent 2 star!!!


I'm trading a fully leveled Uxoh plus maybe 600 clintz to match the market price for Naginata.smiley

thx mods!!!smiley

How mutch for 10 kerozinn cr 0xp

MP please i am french

Anyone have these card for cheap just pm/put them in my ps, My budget for Mona (U) is 5k (it usually reach 5.1k at its lowest) and 1.5k for Ottavia (C) (1.8k at lowest).

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