wednesday 25/03/2009

I will trade coby for hawk and lehane

I traded these before and now since i am using sentinel i would like to use her instead. Their prices rise at the same rate ad are the same price so I am hoping for quick sale.

Okay, here's a much better offer for whoever will take it:
1 Lamar Cr 0xp
2 Vickie Cr 0xp
1 Nahi Cr full
1 Marco 0xp

for a Marlysa Cr full.

850 please put it in my private sales

Close This Got All Cards and Eklore Gone Thank You smiley

Close please.

Close please.

Let me know a price for Tank and Lehane. Thanks!

Plz close I got tessa cr

Im looking for a aurora 2650 clintz please it will be worthit will pay u bk once i get enough $$ promise

Way below market.

Close thread pls smiley thank you

Mod close plz

The current prices of the 7 cards are now different than your posted prices:
Skrumxxt = 3450 up 450
Uranus (U) : 4500 = up 300
Peeler (U) : 5000 = same
Gil (U) : 6500 = up 500
Lin Xia (U) : 4000 = down 400
XU52 (R) : 7000 = up 400
New total is 30,450 not 29,200.
Guener is now 29,000 down 1,500

Im offering 100,000 clintz, a Tanaereva an Uranus and a Kenny all together its worth 159,000

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