monday 23/03/2009

Okay, let me rephrase that for him.

If you fully level up your Timber, you can sell it to Kate for 800. 100% chance the sale will be accepted. No risk, and you get 300 extra clintz.

I sell undeveloped timbers for 1000 clintz each

The title says it all

thx mods

Reignmaster let me help you.


Please close

I have a full XP Vickie for trade.

I'm looking for 5 Marco.

Before yunz jump on this thread. . .yes, there is a price difference in my favor and yes, I'm willing to work this out.

PM me with details and such.

Selling Eklore 30k (In clintz, cards or both)
PM me

Dude prefull u only add like 1000 clintz no matter how good of a card

sunday 22/03/2009

Ok nvm

Ill trade you my ongh pfiller 4*-5* for charlie

Thanks this can be closed

Lookin for her for bout 1-1.1k

I'll trade with you

Im bidding 10,001

I have marco eh not 0xp and not max 3 stars ????? pm me

I say take it, its all under market price.

I have marco but its not worth 1k

Gil is worth way more than 500 or 600

Forget it!

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