sunday 22/03/2009

I have marco eh not 0xp and not max 3 stars ????? pm me

I say take it, its all under market price.

I have marco but its not worth 1k

Gil is worth way more than 500 or 600

Forget it!

I have her but i will only sell her for more or a cr

Looking for an aurora for between 5k to 6k
anyone looking to be kind and make me an awesome offer plz pm me
thnx mods

Both are sold. Close please smiley

Close please.thanks.

I'll buy a clara for 1 300 clintz

I will trade my 0exp kenny for 2 hawks any lvl and i did the maths you save at least 500 clints

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Wat cards or how much do u want for zatman or jackie?

Prix de départ: 25k
Prix de réserve: 50k
Fin: 4/26/08 15:00
Acceptera aussi des métiers Kolos (R) , Marco (R) , Jackie (R) or Tanaereva (U)

I am selling Hax for 7000 .

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