sunday 22/03/2009

La juntas

bryan 5400
jane ramba 8900
wardog 2500


kenny 13000
sheitane 2900

also accept trades

Title speaks for itself

Pm me

I'm selling Kreen for 2100 min
If your interested pm me

Scratch that ill take offers

I had it on the market for 2 weeks at the lowest price nothing. I put 5 things here nothing. I finaly got a deal, i dot care. plus he got his friend to sell me Bryan and dacote below market value good deal

Around 3.some k

I am looking for him around 2200.

saturday 21/03/2009

Anybody ? Q("."Q)

Oh 550 clintz each plz

Sold him close plz

500 or 5000

Dude mort is more than 5 times that dont try to scam people

Close plese

I will buy murphy for 250 cons or 3oo

Im sorry but im not going to trade any more i am going to take zawahas advice and wait until the price goes down

I buy him, close topic please!
Thanks moderators! smiley

Hawkins for Mark, Hax, Anita, Lobo and Elvira

Ok, close the topicsmiley

Ye speedy, thats why i wrote that it is negotiable smiley.. anyway, got it now. close pls

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