saturday 21/03/2009

Selling bryan for 5.5k or 5k

21k is as low as I'm going

I will buy naganita for 9k.just put in my private sales

W/e close this thread I already got all the characters

4.5 k pm plz

How much for hikiyousan alone?

I,m selling for 12k pm me if interested

This post can be closed/deleted now smiley

friday 20/03/2009

Mods close this pls...

I have got what I wanted

Close please. smiley

Close plz

Sold already pls close thread

Ill pay 20k for kolos like this guy up here

Please close

deal done

Im trading my ongh and enzo your blaaster(max) and vermyn n(any level)

pm me or just post here

thanks mods for putting this up smiley

All of these are reasonably low priced just go to the market

Srry all cards r sold
plz close

smiley iv already sold u terry... but i think i will keep these 5 terry's just incase u make then a cr card smiley

It may be helpful to put up the prices you are willing to pay for the cards...smiley

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