saturday 18/04/2009


friday 17/04/2009

Actually he is 220 on the market and generally when u buy in large bulks u get a slight discount

Ill buy one for 135k?

Please close.

Ill sell you vansaar for 800

I want to trade Dacoe(C) for a Rescue card

Mods pls close, I'll just put it up on the public market.

I managed to purchase everyone but Steve, and I can't meet a fair price for him right now.

Please close this thread.

Keep trades fair depending on market prices

I have 32k so far is there any one who will give me a offer lower than market pricesmiley

Bought her...please close.


I can do a deal for Aldebaran Cr aswell but that deal will be all the same cards except from swidz cr

Close subject card sold

Close please

Mods pls close thx alot

I have an 0xp Charlie.

PM me.

Mods please close

You do mean lvl 2 right? and lvl 2 is still 10k off tessa

Right now hes 2k

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