friday 20/03/2009

I am willing to negotiate!! those prices are not fixed so please pm mesmiley

Change my Page cr 0 exp(46.666 clintz) for Shakra,Ratanah,Hawkins,Smokey,Striker + 2000 clintz

Its 7-8k none will sell it for 5k

Sold, thanks moderators, close please. smiley

Selling Hawk, PM me an offer ingame.

NO trades, clintz only!

I am buying Sheitane for 3000 clintz. Just put it in my private sales and i will buy as soon as possible.

27 3*
28 4*
3 5*

i can give a full listing if you like.
these are all ready for level up without the boosted XP.

done some quick figures in my head and im asking for 40000clintz for the lot.
if you would like more information please contact me.


Buying Aurora 4K,private me plz ,THX

I got it ,Close the topic PLZ

I offer 0 exp kenny what do u add

Check my profile

Sell Copper, Eyrik, Bragh all Pfull and Wee Lee lv3 send me Private message with his offers

Ill give u zatman for any cr

Already sent you 10 pcs prefilled 5* card

I'm selling 60+ prefulls for 1000-1200 xlintz depending on the card

pm me

I try to keep saying.. This is 3*... worth more than 4* because he has his ability makes a dream 3* in mono-rescue t1

thursday 19/03/2009

Buying lin xia 3k

Still have 3 more left

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