thursday 16/04/2009

Got it smiley
thank you modssmiley

Selling for 45k upwards asap, pm for a fast response.

Close this please Mods.


Darth 3* 270Clintz
Dr Saw 4*1 125Clintz
Luba 3*200Clintz
Vladimir 5*780Clintz

Hi, I am looking to trade petra, graksmxxt and eris all 0 xp for maxxed of the same cards with some considerations since 0xp r worth more then max...

Send me a pm


Anyone interested in selling Kerozinn Cr for 85k Clintz?

(If you think about it, if you sell it on the market you'll lose 5% to Kate which is most liekly close to 5k Clintz. If you sell it on private sales, you won't lose those 5%!)


wednesday 15/04/2009

762 424-full price
2 500 000-0xp price

theres a difference of 1.8mil clintz
i could make this deal but i need a ndololo full first lol

Trade worth 4k pm pls

I will swap nanook for tyd

Mods please close.

Trade my Tessa Cr for Lamar Cr and 40k

pls pm mesmiley

Sorry every one it has been sold so sorry again

Bloodh and Lea sold

Both are 0xp and are on the market at the moment around 80k.
pm me if you want to negotiate price. looking for the cash.
ps will be away for a few hours from 630pm gmt so contact me quick if you don't want to miss out!

Buying Mona for 5.5k-5.9k
if you agree with this price range please send it to me in my private sales. Thank you

1 left

im looking for nahi cr+ a award cr

Mod/admin, this can be close plz, got what i needed, thx

Im buying vholt with 70k its good price i think so please if you have hive PM or post here .

thanks mods smiley .

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