wednesday 18/03/2009

I'm searching Coby for 8500 cltz. send me a pm.

My bad lv 2 eadh is what i ment.


Close Please.

i'm buying lots of 4* 0xp for 550-600clintz each.
just put them in my private sales.smiley

thanks modssmiley

Pfiller ongh 16500 4*

Last 3 cards left




I would buy him if i had 10000 more clintz also i'm into the bangers

600 clintz

PM me.

I have a maxed Nistarok, PM me if you're keen.

No nam for 1k or less than 2k

Selling for 1k full exp pm me if interested

Smokey for about 2 300.

Please close. all sell

Ill sell him to you when i get him this weekend

My pfull kinjo for all

Close please

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