wednesday 15/04/2009

I'll throw in a Onik
Make offer on board please.

Please close, mods.

tuesday 14/04/2009

Selling This Preset made up of Roots + Piranas

Trying to Assemble This Preset with La Junta and Nightmare

Prefer trading because theres no tax


Plz close

If you want tessa cr look at my post about ttrade the 4 crs shes in there

Close please

For 1,500 clintz. pm me if interested.


I dont make the offer you do

Looking to trade my 0xp tanaeveva for a 0xp swidz cr or a combination of other cheaper crs at 0xp.

Scubb for 1k plz.

Pls. close.

[if anyone still wants to sell their nanook, pls. just put it in my private sales.]

Please close. This is getting some new responses and it's more than 2 months old.

I have one at 0xp.

PM me.

I'm ok with your offer, please PM me if you are still interested with the trade.

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