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tuesday 12/05/2009

Close plz

0xp only.

Close please finished the deal got them both woohoo

Please close no good offers thanks

Men ill buy ur eris for 1000
im sorry if its !000

Close please

Close pleasesmiley

Buying him for 34,000 clintz.
PM me or post here.

Sold plz close

Close pleas

I sold Sung Tsu.

Close this please!

I got a jackie what clans you have

Pls close

Buying a Ambre for 10k clintz xD
All i have smiley

Ill sell my timber to you 50 clintz is that ok?

Selling them 0xp

I have 20+ 0xp Greows and alot of 0xp Scotty.

PM me if interested

For mitch myke and leo ill trade you na boh. You come out 100 clintz better

I want to trade my Dolly for Phyllis.
Pm me for faster response.

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