monday 13/04/2009

Leave prices or put it on my priv sales. .

Close plz..thanks mods

I sell for 19k smileysmileysmileysmiley

Please close

Weter why do you open old posts about sigmund?
all of these posts are from last year..

Lol everybody has sigmunds lol!

You should trade him for other cards that way you'll have more chances of someone being interested in him

My new offer is 2 Marco's lvl 2 each (26.8k per) 1 wee lee (max) (9.5k) 1 bloodh lvl 2 (7.5k) 1 Dahlia lvl 2 (17k) 1 Sylth lvl 1 (6.6k) 1 gil lvl 2 (7k) 1 rowdy lvl 4(5k) 1 leviatonn lvl 1 (7.5k) 1 glorg lvl 1 (4.4k) 1 gaia lvl 3 (2.9k) + 4 k clintz.

this total offer = just below 120k

I am interested in beltran cr if u want to see the offer pm me

If you have a second hawk ill trade u a maxxed dorian

I have miss twice and 11 738 im willing to give up haha

Please close thread pls.


I'll trade my Eyrik for your Chloe plus clintz. Or if you have Hawk to trade that would be better. smiley

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Moderator please close thank you

Need hawkins?

Mod please close thank you (realized somethin)

Title sums it up. PM me

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