monday 13/04/2009

Need hawkins?

Mod please close thank you (realized somethin)

Title sums it up. PM me

It's 2,000 on the market...

500 Clints each just put them in my private sales

WTB Dalhia 14k

Trading the newest piranahs, I know they are not the greastest cards in the world, but I'm trading them any way. Greesh=500 clintz Sliman=700 clintz trading for cards totaling up to more than 1000 clintz (lowest price) in the market.

P.S. I have every single piranah in the game as of 4/9/09 so if you want any of them email my guysmileysmileysmiley

Dalhia has been sold, please close this thread


Close this bought all the cards

I want to buy Ryuichi for 4300 clintz. If someone wants to sell him to me then please put him in my private sales.

That was just a fake
still looking for ONGH

I'm willing to trade my Jackie and add 60k clintz for your kerozinn cr, pm me. negotiable.

sunday 12/04/2009

Mate, this thread is almost 2 months old..
close pls

Ill take that trade.

Well last ngiht he was 23k

Try the french forums.
you got better luck theresmiley

I have a maxxed out Ela Cr and I'm selling her for 145 000, however if u do not have the 145 000 i'm willing to sell her for 80 000 if you can add a miss twice cr. I will sell her for 60 000 if you add a miss twice cr and a ongh.

I am looking to trade the ulu watu clan, minus the crs, for a cr of around 80k. please make your offers here or via pm. smiley

Pm me. . or post offers here. . .

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