sunday 12/04/2009

Close the topic please. I have lots of cards in my sells, so if they want TRADE, look my profile page. smiley

Close this mods thnx

Pls. close. i have it all

Hi I'm Search For copies of Sylth or ongh !0 sylth or 6 ongh For thaumaturge cr
Sexy kitty

Do u accept cards

Vansaar(leader) 550 clintz
Brutox(Gheist)-125 clintz
Luba(Gheist)-200 clintz
Meyen(Gheist)-225 clintz
Nina(Gheist)-240 clintz
Myke(La Junta)-100 clintz

I thought it you have that much money.

Mods please close this

Comon guys its a good deal

Close plz

Please close

U want buck ill sell for 2.5???

Wait u need gison and kawan or u are trading for other cards?


Anyone wanna help me out and sell one to me for 50k Plus a Jackie 0xp, i know its under marker, but im looking for a favor let me know.

saturday 11/04/2009

I sell my marlysa cr full xp for 499.000 clintz.

other proposition is buy mi marliya cr for 400.000 + complement in cards smiley

and the other offert--> My marlysa cr full xp for the equivalent in cards 5* , whith level 1,2,3,or 4, the cards must are gary, phonos, timber, van sar, etc...

10500-11500 clintz level 1 or 2

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