saturday 11/04/2009

Selling her for 17500-18500 clintz level 5

Well, here are the cards I need listed and my budget for them.

Toro (3500)
Eris (1200)
corrina (580)
trinmkkt (620)
Uranus (5000)
nimestiec (600)

Price could be negotiated through pm, thanks. smiley

Done..pls close.. thanks mod..

If you still have Toro, Leviatonn or Z3r0 d34d could you privately sell me one for 1700 clintz

Lunatik and Naboh for 600 clintz

Does ur inbox work? ill offer a 0xp kerozinn for ur 0xp ombre

800 and below LULZ

I will trade wardog and 1000 clitz for those 2. Wardog plus the clitz are about market value. PM ME

Please close, i buy this card. smiley
Thanks moderators! smiley

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Pls close got it

Deal done, thread can be closed.

I have ongh. please close this.

Plz Close Sold To Elementz

Nevermind, I have him now.

Please close.

I got a greesh

Got Him Close This smiley

I'll take her for 2.5k

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