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wednesday 29/04/2009

Did you get any luck mate?

Kudos to you if you did, good work!

I have many of the listed cards, but are you willing to pay something close to market price? Or are you just looking to undercut everyone?

PM me if you have a real offer smiley

Wow people are ignorant.

I have one Skullface, one Chad Bread and one Chikko.

I'm afraid I don't quite have what you're looking for, but I'm sure we may be able to sort something out.

What level is your Melissa?

Close this please(it was when i was level 20 when i made this)

0UC Hpnotiq which cards?

Im selling vermyn N for 8 K ! if you want him pm me!

Oh yeah.. any level
id prefer max


Ill do it

Yea PM me

Close please

K reserve it and ill buy ongh

My Zatman and Dorian


marina copper and stiker

You know what im nt spending my time arguing hy to sell her or not just close

Trading my non cr roots for non cr montana

pm me if interested

Please close mods.

6k or Best offer
pm me plz

Jessie was bought...close plz mods

The title says it all.thanks.smiley

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