friday 13/03/2009

No , i want a lvel 3 yayoi

Ill trade you dorian?

Madness ... you could buy him for 8.5k sighs

Close please i did sell it with 44k smiley

Looking for Noodile @ 0exp.
Will pay up to 900 clintz per card.
PM me

Please close .

Im selling 24 0exp 425 each
pm me or here

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Close please..

Sorry too late they were bought close please mods

Im still buying a tyd for 900-1000 clintz.thanks.

Sold close please lol smiley

Shhhh thats not what my psychiatrist tells me

200 on the market for Fully leveled
And Close Please smiley

Pm me if you are interested

I want to buy titled card (Eris from the clan Sakrohm) for 1550 clintz, just send me a private sale & will accept it when online.

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