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thursday 07/05/2009

Looking for a lamar i have a miss twice and other cards depending on wat ur looking for

Ok well when u have a kenny to go with it let me know =) thanks lol

Buying kerry and steve.

8000 for steve
9000 for kerry.

pm me or post here.

If its at this price, just put it up. if not i'm open to negotiations.

I sell coby 6.2k and copper for 10k for marco

Close this plz admins
thank yousmiley

Haha sure I'll sell you one for 1000k smiley

I'm afraid I don't have one mate, otherwise 1100 would be ok.

Good luck.

Sorry 12,500 clintz.

Hes 5000 on the market... smiley

I found her

Thanks to you all and to the moderators


Pls put it in private sales.....just sell it for 200-250clintz thx

Buying Jackie for 24k?? Pm me

I'll pay more if it is a big lot of cards smiley

Im buying that snake for 4,500 clintz.it's in the title.
anybody wanna help me with this?thanks.i prefer 0 XP.thanks.smiley

Pls close this coz someone already sold one?

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2.4k and 1.2k card

Petra - sold
still need all those cards

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