wednesday 11/03/2009

33k or so or equal value in a trade

What level is that charlie , poochie ?

I have now lowered my offer to 400 clintz as the price has dropped... but I still need one

Sold them all

close plz smiley

I sell 4* pfull at 1050 clintz. check my profile. all cards priced 1050 are pfull.

Hello, i am wanting to buy the lush card of marlysa cr.
i dont have any clintz at the moment, sorry if that's what you wanted,
but i am willing to trade all these cards;

the montana (i have vicky, but not the oter 1)

all of the rescue

all of the piranas

all of the uppers (No crs)

and some pussycats (including charlie, yayoi and many more)

If intrested please pm me or post on here
i am willing to strech further for this card, many thanks MC_Stkeoghsmiley

Close pls i did get it with 24k thanxx

Please close

Please graksmxxt

Close plz smiley

I managed to sell one of my cards for 525 ctz so ill offer it with dorian for Leviatonn

Close please... This took forever

Are u wiling to trade for dorian?

Ok now i have 5.5K

Any love for Deadeye? come one all I want are 2 Nobrocybix and Brandon...smiley

U goota be kiddin me with that price.. smiley plz close this thread mods.. thanx..smiley

I buy it
you can close the topic

tuesday 10/03/2009

Ill buy all of ur clans above for 1000k

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