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wednesday 06/05/2009

Close please smiley

Close please

1* Uranus (U) 6100
4* Ratanah (U) 5200

message me if ur interested, thx

Rebecca is one of the worst cards u can get sell for about 200 what about micthlle his last evolotion is bad his frist one is better so sell him for about 195 i know i had them both and they are bad

I'll trade my Kenny for Alec

Need a Katan cheap Price around 2500 Great Help Pay the seller back later.

Aurora for 5850

I messaged him, said wony take less than 10k

tuesday 05/05/2009

Looking for a good price or

a swap with a card around the same

value thanks mods smiley

Please not over 2,3k
PM me or write here and give me a cheap prize

I would like it to be as cheap as possible if possible.

I want an Ambre, and I'll pay anyone 14000 for her. Private sell it to me if you're interested.

Okay, it's been sold; thanks to everyone for their interest.

Heya people!

Im looking to buy a Steve (any exp) for a fair price since it seems to be really high at the moment (Why is this?)

Anyway if you have it either pm with your price, post it here or pop it in a private sale.


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