tuesday 10/03/2009

Ill buy all of ur clans above for 1000k

I'm looking to buy 8 (lvl 1 - 0xp) Charlie's for $15,000 per card for a total of $120,000 if someone is willing to sell me all 8 I'll throw in a Chikko Cr as a bonus. Anyone who's interested just put any level one Charlie's up on private sale to me for $15,000. I know $15,000 is below market but anyone looking for some quick cash can make a quick $15,000 a pop or $132,000 in value (with Chikko) if they sell me all 8. I'm only interested in level 1 Charlie's and won't buy any that are above level one.

This is really old, someone should close this

Sold. close please.

Hello , im trading a marlysa cr , i need 4 splata cr (o marlysa cr - n 4 splata cr)

or sell the marlysa cr on 470000 clintz , thanks

I need to buy ambre lvl 5 if anyone could sell her 2 me for 12000 clintz plz


ratanah (all maxxed)
for shakra (any lvl)

Buying one Tanaereva for aprox. 44k please pm to negotiate your offer smiley

I'll give you 1400 for her

Close please, all gone

Pls close.. already bought one

Sorry illinium. I don`t want to do that trade.

If ur interested in buying Wee Lee the price is 12500, I'm also looking for a Striker to trade with.
First Come First Serve, PM me & it can be done faster.

Market lvl 3 is 700

Ok im buying a hawk for 6500 clintz.thanks.can someone please help me with this?thanks a lot.XD
if u have lehane and dayton also PM me your prices.smiley

Got charlie, still buying yayoi

I want to buy some cheap Crs,whose price is about 20k~30k,if you wanna sell,please contact me,thanks!

Robb for
1 k PM me if intersted

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