tuesday 10/03/2009

Market lvl 3 is 700

Ok im buying a hawk for 6500 clintz.thanks.can someone please help me with this?thanks a lot.XD
if u have lehane and dayton also PM me your prices.smiley

Got charlie, still buying yayoi

I want to buy some cheap Crs,whose price is about 20k~30k,if you wanna sell,please contact me,thanks!

Robb for
1 k PM me if intersted

Seeking to buy Elvira for 2.7k or lowest offer, send the offers to my private sales

I buy platinum for 150 if someone got.

smileysmileysmiley Gertrud and Byran smileysmileysmiley

i'm looking for someone who can sell them to me both if possible, i am willing to buy them
for a price of 5.5k+ but not way over 6k

if anyone wants to sell them separately, please do and give prices if possible, below the market price... smiley

I am looking for a good price on graksmxxt. I am willing to pay around 8k in clintz or trade cards as well, Pm me with offers!!!!


1x Platoona
1x Mort Bax
1x Zdrone

All P-FULL, 1 battle away from level 4.
1150 each, pm for faster response.

Ill have about 5 more by tommorow so please PM ME

I offer 525 each!


I'm looking to purchase Uranus from someone. I do not care what level she is at. I would like to buy her at a discounted price, otherwise, I will just purchase her on the market. Please PM if you are interested. I am also willing to work out a possible trade with anyone who would rather trade then sell. Thanks.


monday 09/03/2009

I'll buy kenny for 12750 and a jerry maxed

I am looking to buy cheap 0exp 3 to 5 star cards

Please pm me with what you have and prices

I also buy junk cards for 120 clintz , if anyone has any just put them directly into my private sales.


Almost everything is gone,gonna make another thread

close please and thx

Hi I am looking to trade jerry (u) for any monatana/nightmare cards. 1 condition though the cards have to = 1000 clintz or more. post your offers here and I will decide

I give my Melissa Cr lv1 for:

Jim Cr + 2 Marco + 2 Jackie + Tanaereva + 5000c

If the cards you give me are 0xp I will not ask for the 5000c
If you don't have Jim cr or you don't want to trade it I ask for
3 Marco + 3 Jackie + 2 Tanaereva + 5000c

Contact me in private. Thank you.

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