sunday 08/03/2009


Looking for a Mona just below the market price, anyone who wants to sell Mona fast and for a reasonable
price, i'm willing to accept that...

if you're generoes enough, i'd be REALLY GREATFUL if you'd sell your Mona for below 4k clintz.. Thanks smiley

I want ur plantooonas pm me

I'm intrested in your all stars pm me the price

Close please

Thanks so much illinium smiley

Tradin ratanah and armand (both maxxed) and 1k clintz for shakra (any lvl).

ratanah lvl 4 is about 6.4k
armand lvl 5 is about 1.5k
thats 7.9k add the 1k clintz and its 8.9k

I buy every card for 100, if you are interested just put him in private sales.

3 200 Clintz is market price just go buy in public sales.

If anyone would sell me Greow for 2000 clintz, I would be grateful.

Please close.

One Astroboy Pfull for Estalt

Darn. srry i sold em all...smileysmiley

I can sell you a leviatonn but not at that price... it'd need to be more like 9.5 k right now.

Well kerry is more expensive so in turn
you must offer more
so please dont yell at people who are trying to trade with you

saturday 07/03/2009

Looking for many of these. Will only pay around market prices, no bogus sales, no scams.

I have bloodh and katan give you both for your shakra and hax

You are going to need to add clintz or more cards as kolos is worth more then all of those. I am ionterested in your misss chloe though.........

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