saturday 07/03/2009

Close the Subject plese

Both Wanda'a have been sold, just 2 Warrens left.

Ill take it for 7000

3000 clintz or offer

Close. bought one on market for 30k

Please Close!!!!!

Ill buy wakai for 600-700c

Mods close this he cannot sell

Mods please close tnx

K i got it thx plz close

Buying any cheap common weak cards. . . just put it in my private sales. . i'm looking for 50-100clintz thank you

Linda is only 1200 while marco himself is 30k and alec over 15k you'd have to add a lot more than linda to get just those two

Great trade but sorry i dont have him. I dont think that many people have him.

WTB Eve, hula, zoltan, esmeralda pls tell the costs

I am buying 100 0exp miss ming for 225 each.
just send it in private sale and ill just buy it.

Note, shadowboi449 cannot sell his/her characters on the market either publicly or privately (has not purchased any credits).

I'm buy 3 wanda's lvl1 0xp for 2k each.
pm me or put them in my private sales.

Thanks modssmiley

If you wait a little while I can get you 500+ and maybe a couple weeks then 1000+

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