tuesday 24/03/2009

I lowered it to 4300 clintz.

Striker - 9000
Liu - 2500


I'm bored. Please lock this thread

Pls close. thanks a bunch

Lol i also forgot to say im also looking for rowdy for around 4-4.2k your help is most appreciated smiley

Dude if u got 3000 its not a long way to 3.5k smiley

Close please.. thanks smiley

monday 23/03/2009

It has just been sold sorry(close please)

Close wow this thing goes fast

Im selling my Vholt for 80k or trading for cards just private message me and we can work out a deal.

Im begging! pls buy him. ill even lower the price a little.

Ill buy it!

private sell it to me please smiley

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Pls close. thnx

Close please thnx

Forgot to say

close plz smiley

Can someone lock the thread, i got it sorted. Thanks

This as before his price went up so im guesiing this isnt real anymore

As title stated . i hope i can get a low price tho =D

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