saturday 07/03/2009

I'm buy 3 wanda's lvl1 0xp for 2k each.
pm me or put them in my private sales.

Thanks modssmiley

If you wait a little while I can get you 500+ and maybe a couple weeks then 1000+

Im dont need discount,i need them at the market price

and it doesnt need to be 0xp it need to be NOT full

I can not afford it lol

I may be able to come up with an offer. Pm me if interested.

Pm me if interested

Could you do striker+ kolos for Swidz Cr?

Hi i am selling him for 8500 clintz that is not expensive ,on the market hes now over 9k pm me if interested or just buy him on the market with my name by it.

I mentioned the price up above?smiley

Close please

Will buy in bulk or individually.
No above market offers please.
Will buy as many as i am offered.
PM me or just sell privately but I will deny over priced offers.

smiley she sold smiley
smiley please close smiley

I would have but mines level 4smileysrry

I can get you a rowdy smiley

Mods please close

Ya its just an example lol

Well what do you want.. all i got r la juntas

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