saturday 07/03/2009

Ok, the reserve price has not been reached.

close please.

friday 06/03/2009

I will give you
for marco

I don't have Kenny anymore.

I have them all please close this

What would u like for Linda and Maciej? And for Jackie?

For now I have Eris, Na Boh, Kreen and Nerfeniti. Pm me.

Close pls .

Close thank's moderator

Close pls

Too late sold
close please

Please sell to me with coast 3500 clint Pliz

Can't Pay More Than 130,000 Clints.

Close please

I have two Hawk's. One is 0xp, one is maxed.

Let me know what you'd like.

And I have a spare Lehane if you'd like another too smiley

Alec = 15kx30= marlysa cr=450k thatys my offer

Im trading My 1 Bloodh To Your ????
Send me an instant message
my bloodh is already 5 stars ok pm me

2600 is a little high bolino

I will give you 18 Twyhs for shakra.

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