friday 06/03/2009

Alec = 15kx30= marlysa cr=450k thatys my offer

Im trading My 1 Bloodh To Your ????
Send me an instant message
my bloodh is already 5 stars ok pm me

2600 is a little high bolino

I will give you 18 Twyhs for shakra.

There is a 11k difference with lamar over tessa if u add something else or clintz i will do the trade

I got chill how much u offering

thursday 05/03/2009


I'm looking to trade my 5* Vickie Cr for either a Splata Cr or Tessa Cr (current level does not matter for either).

I sold it close please.

Im looking to buy vickie cr ill offer 102k if not plz pm with other offers

I can give U 4 mil worth soleil cards. That okay?

Hi i am looking to buy Tessa Cr for 130.000 Clintz

Close please

I am looking to buy or trade for Hax and/or Steve.
I have cards I am willing to trade, mostly all stars and pussycats.
Message me if interested.

They' re already sold... sorry
please close

Bad offers for Anita ! smiley

Close please smiley

I got them for 16k smiley thanxx

and pls close .

Hi everyone!
i'm BUYING a marco for 25000 clintz
if you are interested PM me or put it directly in my PS

Close pls ongh is sold

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