thursday 02/04/2009

I'm looking for Tessa CR, any level.

My budget is 125000 clintz, but I assure you I will buy the first offer made really quickly.

Just send the trade offer thanks!

Close please

Please close

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Eklore Sold

Morphun and AshiGaru left

I have all of your requested cards.

Please PM me and we'll negotiate.

I'll buy them all, put them in my private trade

Selling vladimir maxed out for 1200 clints

I have hikosun i will sell it for that

wednesday 01/04/2009

For 3k. I no it less than 75% but i've been having a really hard time scrounging up clintz

Dont blame u he kinda sucks

Close plz nvr mind

Sold , close plz

Got kerozinn cr already, please close.

Please close this thread.

The card goes to Dead hart for 16200. Please close this thread.

No longer have Kolos and Emeth, no longer need Jackie and Ratanah, still needed Shakra

Even though its a private sale you still have to pay kate 5%

Thx crimson mask but i already got one for 2300.

I have a shann lets trade

I only need chan.. i got an extra striker.. if you can deal with the diff in cards or clintz il trade you.. smiley

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