monday 30/03/2009

I buy her, please close topic. Thanks moderators!

Lots of talk of better offers, but the card is still on the market. Fishy.

Anyway, can we close the thread, as it's clear QJON doesn't intend to arrange a sale through the forums?

Buying the following cards
2 miken moose- 270 each
rico- 345
2 noodile- 650-700
plz send them all to my private sales.. i am buyn=ing them as a group or individuals! thank you

Got him for 42k please close mods thanks

I am trading Lamar Cr with 400K clintz for Marlysa Cr.

All offers please PM.

Thank you

Blood Talon

PS: I will not sell just Lamar Cr less you want to trade Marlysa Cr for just Lamar Cr smiley

I got bryan but will sell for 3.6

I am short on the market purchase, but am willing to make a good trade for Splata Cr.
Any interests please send me an email.

Santa Claws

35bart you ahould add alot as thats not a tenth of his price

I want to buy Rolph for around 1600 clintz. I know its cheaper than on the market but if someone dont needs him plz sell him to me.

Close please

I'm interested in buying Kinjo and Lost Hog as a pair for 4.5 K. PM if you are interested, or you place them in my private sales. Thanks.

I'll trade my Lamar cr full + Ongh + Sylth for a Tessa Cr full.
PM me if interested.

I have MArco let me know

Will sell it to you for 1400 clintz

I have two Hawk 's, one at 0xp and one maxed.

PM me.

I have Marco at level 3, two Alec 's, Kerry Hax and Steve.

What can you offer for them? I'd prefer cards to clintz.

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