monday 02/03/2009

Close please

I've akendram and maciej pm

Auct closed since not enough bets

Your Thaumaturge Cr and you Lamar Cr for my Splata Cr and my Nahi Cr.
Send me a MP because I'm not from England or USA and I don't visit this Message Board very often, sorry for the mistakes.smiley

Plz close

Close plz this is already sold

Anyone wanna help me?thanks. smiley

I have all cards, what u want? please contact me

Trade tessa cr for lamar cr, willing to add some clintz, pm me if intrested, many thanks, MC_Stkeogh

Is there anything else you could add to the offer to even it out a little bit? smiley

Close plz

That's lower than market price. If you're more reasonable, then maybe you could get some offers...

On mach then I will celebrate my 2nd year here in Urban Rival.smiley I will buy Venuz (C) and Svelthlana (C) at 0 exp level 1, I just need this card to rebuild my original deck when I was a newbie smiley

Trading Juicy Lord [full xp] for Lin Xia [any xp] ill most like him o xp but any xp is ok

Trading juicy lord [full xp] for Kiki [any xp] and Scotty [any xp] pm for faster reply

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