sunday 01/03/2009

Korn ongh ls about 14k now

I wanted to buy Kerry for 10k or 11k!!

Close This got Them smiley

Sold, close please smiley

This is 6 months old. If 0Shadowstrike is still looking to buy this character, he will open a new thread smiley

Sell her on the market then ull get more smiley

Pls close

Mods close this i bought one already

I want x2 Tanaereva and 30k for lamar Cr

Buying edd n prince jr

for 2.6k

I'll buy any of the following cards
Glosh 900
Anita 1800
Lea 700

send them to my private sales

Mod please close

Mods PLEASE read cacaman post 2/3

due to someone buying my oxen on the market
ty mods and people who participated

Nvm i got her smiley

saturday 28/02/2009

Well the card is more clitz if its no exp i have sold her on the market for this price so you can close it

I'll give a Chikko Cr and 3.5k

pm me for faster response

Will add edd in the trade for jackie

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