monday 30/03/2009

I give you vansaar is it okay?

I will trade my ongh plus 1k for your verynm N and blasster

I sell gil for 5 800 buy now !!!!!!!!!!

Wow, buying the whole market, are we Simple? =p
Good luck, and I don't have any of those for sale, sry

Looking to buy Tyd for 1250 Clintz.


Is it still available? If so, put it in my private sales.


how much is 0exp Sylth?


2500 and u got a deal smiley

Admins close this one... i think this is already too old...smiley

Dude make your own thread

Ill sell u griezzo for 1600

sunday 29/03/2009

Sorry Ratanah is gone

Close plz

Close, already trade it

Close please

Please close thread

Ill give u 90k

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