saturday 28/02/2009

Yeh, not the best at spelling. Thanks,

Post can be closed if any1 want they can buy it on market

Will u take a rolph cuz i relly dont need him much?ill sell him for 2-3k

Close Please

Got her
close plz

Sold for 25k .

Plz close

I have almost all .pm me if intrested

Buying Vickie Cr for 100.000 clintz please any1 has?

Buying Vicke Cr for 100k clintz

Morphun lvl 5 - 25 000
Marina lvl 1 - 9 000

pm me for a quicker response

or if you want to trade thats fine by me....

Moderators please close. smiley Thanks smiley

I Sell 11 prefulls 4 * and 1 prefull 3* by 9000 clints.

Close please

All sold

Do u jus liked maxed?cuz i have zdrone i don need

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