saturday 28/02/2009

Do u jus liked maxed?cuz i have zdrone i don need

I need he following:
and rhed

plz offer ur cards or u can buy i from me for 3 k ok?

Close this please.
I got him now.

The title says it. I will buy it from the one who offers first.

Sorry i ment to say

All wandas and gwens that have very little XP and 65-75 0Xp noodliles for a Kerozinn Cr max
i only want the very low xp gwens and wandas and noodlies

lets say
20 wanda (with very low xp)
30 gwen (with very low xp)
65 noodlie (with very low xp)

I give you my jackie and 15k for tanaereva

Hey you can buy em in new blood packs easily now.

i got both of em all lvled upsmiley

Aha, these cards are all above market price.

friday 27/02/2009

I'm looking to buy a Kerry for 12000 clintz or less.
I know here price is like 14000 right now.
I will trade for her also.
I have no crs for those who want to trade her.

Looking for one around 90k, pm me if you want to change price.

Im looking to buy Sylth for somebody who will sell sylth to me for 8000 clintz

Hi. I have the following PreFull cards:

Nistarok (Nightmare)
Jungo: Kreen, Scotty, Chill.

If u just got one (or some) in a pack, and want it leveled already and some XP, pm me and I will trade. But I just want the ones u got in packs, not the ones u have bought in the market.

Thanks to all.

I buy 8 emeth for 3500 of each

The auction has officialy ended

---God--- you have until 8.00pm sunday night to pay for the card.
if you do not have the money by then i will add 50 clintz each day after.

please close this post.

thank you to everyone who has bid

I am trading wee lee for fabio 0xp

I'm selling All Star Jessie for 2,5k - 3k.

Kerozinn Cr for 83 000 pleasesmiley


It sold please close

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