saturday 28/03/2009

Close please

Why not sell for the clintz for zatman and then buy him.

Im looking for alec around 15k . its only 2k cheaper than the market . immediate payment . just leave in it in my private sale

Im looking for Gaia (2550)

I'll consider offer close to the price


Please mp me if you have lyse teria cr

Sold. close please.

I would like him for 5500 please

I got my Hawkins, thanks!

Topic can be closed

Please close i already sold him

You can close this theyve all been bought o_O

Im trying to get eyla Cr i have marco and tanaversa and other cards to give for her plus a boat load of clintz

Ill give you vickie cr for these cards and 70k

Never mind

close please

Nevermind, I sold Marco to pay for it.

Lock please.

You can get 8k for 10 glosh if they're 0xp by mesmiley

I buy her. Thanks moderators, close please! smiley

I could add more clintz if needed

Scotty is sold

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