friday 27/02/2009

I need allstars because currently i have a bangers deck

Value on the Market: (min/avg/max)
At level 1: 13 800 Clintz / 4 412 158 Clintz / 99 999 999 Clintz
At level 2: 25 000 Clintz / 26 000 Clintz / 27 000 Clintz
At level 3: 13 999 Clintz / 13 999 Clintz / 13 999 Clintz
At level 4: 13 900 Clintz / 8 036 607 Clintz / 100 000 000 Clintz
Browse 55 Market offers

I think I'll pass.

I am interested in Beltran Cr. I can offer:
Cassio Cr, Page Cr, Chikko Cr, 3.000 clintz. If you do not want one of the cards I can give you something else.

Please pm me, thanks.

Close this plz

That is a firly unbalanced trade. as kenny and shietane together only come out to 19k while kolos is going for about 24k at the cheapest. You will have to add clintz or other cards. you are expecting a 5k loss minimum.

Close this please. got the trade done.

thanks mod

Enjoy the Crack

I'll pay 210 for her

I'll offer u a marina for ur leviatonn

thursday 26/02/2009

Its 5k on the market

You might get an offer if you say like jackie +6-7k

p.s im not interested

I`ll buy Cyan for 200

Hi,i will bye your phonos 0xp for 500 clintz
if interessed,please mike it in my private sell
thanx you

Click on my Profile and youll see what im selling im also hoping to find someone who makes 3* Pfulls so I can sell them 3*s that they can make into Pfulls.

Buying monaa for 3.4k please smiley

+ 1 Peeler

I give you jackie and wee lee and 8 clints

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