friday 21/06

Lao cr 0 xp 4.5 m . Pmsmiley

I also accept:

Kreen Cr (700k)
Ongh Cr (600k)
Bloodh Cr (170k)
Rhed Cr (95k)
Flo Cr (66k)

Perso:158 0 exp(2M).

For cash Or playable 100k+ EFC cards.

I have one DJ Korr full exp and i would like to trade,how do we do it? (im kinda new to this trading thing)

Hi all, I'm looking to trade my copies of GraksmxxT Mt and Spyke Mt for Crs I'm missing. Both cards are max evo and I value them at 720k and 650k respectively.

I'm looking to trade them for Crs which I'm missing from my collection. These are:
Seldnor Cr, Geuner Cr, Cassio Cr, Swidz Cr, Skullface Cr, Diyo Cr, Thaumaturge Cr, A Award Cr, Selsya Cr, Jim Cr, Melissa Cr, Reine Cr and Ombre Cr
..yes, I know, I'm missing a fair few. I need to get back into DTs and grind for that sweet Crypto ;__:smiley
For evaluations, take the current min price on the marker and then round them up to the nearest 10k smiley

Ideally, I'm looking to trade as many Crs as possible for my Mts. Sounds weird but I'd rather receive a few of the cheaper Crs over just one expensive one!

I'm also willing to accept some of the 'B5 powered' cards and other cards I'm missing in the trade as well, these are:
Comanche, El Exotico, The Rocktana, Schatzi, McLain, Moukrok, Zaveli, Sobek, Crook and No Love.
These are less favourable but I'll happily accept some to even out trades.

All cards listed above can be any level smiley

If the trade isn't even in either of our ways, I'm also willing to give/accept clintz. Again though, I'm mainly just looking for cards.
If you can help me out with filling my collection, that'd be amazing! If not, cheers for reading this anyway smiley

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thursday 20/06

All the 0xp versions off the cards cost about 3800 or more (except Keitha), so 3500 Clintz per Card shoud be worth

6m3, i need it for collect plz 0 xp

Please contact for sale or trade

Well, the title says it all, those are each of their respective prices.
Saitamurai 4*: 350K
The Rocktana 4*: 150k

DM if you want to negotiate

wednesday 19/06

455 Davis left. Sorry for the typo

Returning player here, first stumbled on this game on my highschool days about 7-8 years ago, finished school and recently discovered this game. I'm playing the game during off hours in the office, or whenever I get the chance. I used the crypto for a pack and get selsya CR, I would like to sell this to you below market price ~970k or maybe trade with some good cards. I'm looking to build a half montana half uppers deck for ELO. Thanks a lot!

tuesday 18/06

Good evening,

I am determined to get rid of my 750 bristone full exp, valued at 15k /card.

I look for:
Cash (I can go down to 10m cash)
or / and the following (any exp):
- Sobex, rated 400k
- Rage, rated 470k
- Serafina, rated 480k
- Crock, rated 650k
- Atkinson, rated 1.7m
- Nemo mt, rated 3.65m
- Volkan cr, rated 8m
- B mappe cr, evaluated 10m
- Cannibal jo cr, assessed 12m, i will add 500k cash to it

I hope the post respects the new rules.
Thank you,

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