sunday 24/02

Traded. Thread closed smiley

Y trade my # Alec Mt 4.100k

I search for:
(price in the market at this time)
Blaaster Cr 1.575k
Joy 260k

Mechakolos Cr 525k
Toro Cr 145k

Yayoi Cr 256k
Schatzi 260k
Slayer 161k

Gil Cr 430k
Romana 348k

Waldegrin 82k

Total: 4.042k

Just one of each, any xp, I accept clintz to negotiate, any question please ask

Literally 2.3m on market.

saturday 23/02

Looking for tanaereva cr for 2.65m cash

I am looking for only one copy of Atkinson and I can offer you any card except the big 5.
I value Atkinson around 2.2M

Ah that's what it is. Yeah got one thanks.

thursday 21/02

I have:

#General Cr 0xp

Looking for:

#General Cr full
Joan Cena 0xp

Looking to trade my 2 Death Adder 0xp for your Xantiax Robb Cr + 230k.

My Lyse Teria Cr 0xp for Kiki Cr Any xp

wednesday 20/02

That's the maximum I'll offer.

Urban is really shutdown smiley

+ 7 0xp

+ 5 fullxp


Why do people keep making this type of "trades" public?

Yo, if you are going to sell crack.. don't announce it to the police.

Hi Everyone

I sell No Love for 2M7
and Death Adder for 1M6

Thx smiley

1 Dounia Mt for 2 lizbeth Cr 0 xp + 500k.

Thank you. smiley

tuesday 19/02

Looking to trade cannibal joe cr for other CR's, above 1mil, will take clintz as compensation as well

Hey there, I have a 0xp Sum Sam Cr, but no cash atm smiley

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