tuesday 18/06

How much "+ Clintz" are you going to add into smiley

I sell a lot of Lara Hate 0xp


Hi everyone
I have Lao Cr 0 xp.
I wanna sell him for cash or my missing crs +- cash
Im lokin for ;
Rass Cr
Vickie Cr
Splata Cr
Nemo Mt
Alec Mt
Pls pm.your offers like;
My lao +- cash for your cr/crs +- cash

Ok, sorry didn`t no that

monday 17/06

Trade completed. Please close this thread. Thank you!

The value of the card is still the same smiley

Im trading/selling:
1000 McLayton 0exp 30K/t = 30M

Im looking for:
DJ Korr Cr 14M
Guru Cr 13.5M
Kiki Cr 12.5M
Cannibal Jo Cr 12.8M
Lyse Teria Cr 13.5M
Splata Cr 4M
Jackie Cr 1.2M

Only 0exp:
Atkinson 2M (Max 10)
No Love 1.2M (Max 10)
Death Adder 1.2M (Max 10)


sunday 16/06

I would trade my:
Bercerkgirl Cr 0xp OR Dounia Mt full
Xantix Robb Cr (xp doesnt matter)

The cards I listed above? smiley
You need to read my post well

saturday 15/06

Sell my Kiki Cr full xp 11 700 000 smiley

friday 14/06

There are many sales on my account that you can check out and even make profit out of. Please be sure to make a quick stop

Okay, time's up! I will just put them on the market.


Je me débarrasse de quelques petits lots du petites cartes surplus:

Drummond 0xp x 401 -> 1.200 /t
Esther 0xp x 382 -> 1.000 /t
Brampah 0xp x 271 -> 850 /t
Titsouk 0xp x 211 -> 2.200 /t
Melanie 0xp x 201 -> 2.500 /t
Darril 0xp x 201 -> 900 /t
Miho 0xp x 288 -> 3500 /t

Lots dissociables.

A vous!

smiley anyone wanna sell me one? smiley

wednesday 12/06

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