monday 24/11/2008

Please close this smiley

Already sold pls close smiley

I've got Charlie 0xp, but you'd have to sweeten the deal.

Chikko Cr isn't quite the same value as Charlie, or anywhere near as powerful.

Im buying a Vickie Cr for 40 000clintz now send a to my private sale

POST 34 SAID "Ok admins plz close this" AND THAT MESSAGE WAS FROM "Soulja Sean" WHICH IS THE THREAD STARTER!!!

I saw it at the market for 6999. Gone now though...

Home abot for 975?


Ok tell me what acrsd you have to offer that will be worth it.

sunday 23/11/2008

Eklore and gil sold for kerzionn cr
plz close

Closed this tq!!

I'm willing to buy them for 1k each.

Mods close this plz

I have 10 806 clintz now..

Plss i wan't Lea and Mark for cheap

I have a a Kerry what else can u trade me

Please close items bought

Can't you level up by yourself?
i could level it up for u if u want

Dont resurrect dead threads... its almost 3 months since the last post >.<

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