sunday 21/12/2008

I will pay 300 please offersmiley

I know

Ill buy Saddy for 800

Sold please close

I sell fast

saturday 20/12/2008

I've currently got 11164 clintz... i know it isn't what he is worth on the market... but if you got a double with creditz it shouldn't matter... please people i really want him...

Close this please is sold

Alreday sold sry .... Can close this please.. smiley

I go 4 zatman 4 jackie preset 911 morphun and hula and uranus

Found, that was fast !

Subject closed thank you.

100 lehane 0xpsmiley
PM me if you wanna make the exchange

Moderators CLOSE

i have bought them for 3100!!

This can be close plz, thz.

Cloze plz lol 3rd time

Already sold

Close pls mods, thanks.

smileyi have 20k ill buy itsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
please sell it to me send it to private sell 20k

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