saturday 15/11/2008

All gone, please close

Already bought one.. please close

Ill buy emeth and lelena

Edd for any cr

Noodile 850 pm me

Really? Thanks!

I'm looking for (preferably) a level 3 Juicy Lord. smiley

Please close

220 for a Natrang and Otome.

Buying kenny for 14k message here or pm me, thanks!smiley

Deleted post plz.

Full lvl vanssar and full lvl marco

friday 14/11/2008

5k + 8k in cards pm me

I will give you chad bread cr and cassandra and jeeves and 7k

He wants Berkerkergirl cr

Thats not the same as Berserkergirl !

All sold more to come maybe soon

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