friday 12/12/2008

Id buy but im poor right now. smiley

thursday 11/12/2008

Since my thread has been hijacked plz close this will be making a new one.

Please close

Ill trade Kati full exp for Twyh!!

Ill give you it pm me

I bought him for 30,900 clintz on the market.
Close please.

Close please bought already, thanks.

Please close/destroy this thread, whichever
thanks in advance

Yeah, I'm sure there are many people that will sell for that price lol

How much you offering for Bruce?

Hi. Changed my mind again.
I am again looking to buy a 0xp GraksmxxT (R) for 6.4k (6400 clintz).
If u have one and willing to sell me at that price, post it in private sell plz,.
Thanks for looking and have a nice day.

Buying Z3r0 D34d for 3.5k.

Close this plz, thx

Close plz

Close plz

Close [please]

I am buying all 1 star Zlatars for 390 each just put them in my private sales and i will buy them i will post here when i run out of clintz

wednesday 10/12/2008

30,000 Clintz.
Please PM me, thanks. smiley

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