wednesday 12/11/2008

Kenny for dalhia
zatman lvl 1 for smokey and bloodth
offer quick

So im wondering what happened to all of the Guru Cr out there. If it was anything like Vickie there must have been thousands out in rotation. How did they disappear? Is someone hoarding them? or did some ***** sell them to kate? lol

Too expensive. . . please check the market price. . . Lilly (U) 1100, Narendra (C) 599, Noodile (C) 800, Ben (C) 288, Miken Moose (C) 325, Yookie (C) 640. . . that is the price in the market. . . the total of the price is at most 3800. . . then you are selling it for 4500? ? too much. . . how about ill buy those for 3400? ? deal? ?

Buying hawkins for 8k

any other offers pls post and pm me.

need it as soon as possible.

NOT dip
lol common sence
but to help a person out and get what they need U KNOW

75000 Clintz.

tuesday 11/11/2008

Can we please close these ancient posts?

Last Update - I have all the cards now. Please Close! Thanks.

20k +bloodh for tanevara
my offer

pm me back w/ offers

I am looking for a Kolos

Will trade a Levaitonn and Yayoi for it. PM me if iterested

Buying 0exp Gil for 4k.

Please don't hi-jack my thread.

Lol so 800clintz each if u have him sell ill also buy

vickie cr for a tanaereva and 11k

Buying Marlysa Cr for 322 000clintz send to me on private sale

Ok mods can close this thread thanks.

I am buying nahi cr for 32k from any one

Please close. Deal already made with -Greedisgood-

Now i'm only looking to buy (fully leveled) for a bit under market.
I have the clintz needed so just pm me

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