monday 08/12/2008

Or even less...
Just wait a month, to see smiley

I offer Rass cr 0xp smiley

I have some b ball and would like to trade for some trish .
anybody wan to trade with me ?
just private me and i will selling the b ball to you.

Still available smiley

I want lyse teria Cr... Someons?? Pm me...

I mean please close the thread smiley sorry Euzebe,can i add you?

Nanook and Shayna for 2.6k

Im buying lehane...about 5 copies...for about 10k....
or seperately 1 lehane for 2k.......interested players may pm me.......or leave reply here....

All good.

Close please mods.

Close please

Ill take it for 700 clintz if you may


Close this thread already have one.sorry


im also intrested in good tradessmiley

If that is to much i'm sorry it took me forever to level him up from egg form

Please close item sold. thanks.

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