sunday 07/12/2008

Yer sure ill buy that

Buying Winston for under 175

Put in private sales.

I just bought 3 from you and now you are buying more.

Please close

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Nvm please close

I've got him too.

PM me with your offer.

Got both
ty plz close

Ok will sell for 440,000 thats the lowest

Already sold. Close this please Mod.

I hav kolos and pm me with a good offersmiley

Hmm seems no one wants to sell her cheap

34.500 clintz send mp smiley

saturday 06/12/2008

Dragan is sold
plz destroy

Selling her for 442 000 clintz now no high no lower send me a message nowsmiley

U mean you mean you sellin on or you tryin to by won if you sellin ill buy

logo UR 1 messages

Close this please.

Close please the, i think i posted i 2ce because i thought i never press validate

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