saturday 08/11/2008

Okie doke i'm not getting any more offers so uh close plz.

Preferred Price is 2800, please.

I am trading 3 chikko cr's lvls 1,2 and max pm me i am looking for other cr's

I have ryuichi and need crs

I will buy kerrozin cr for 30k

friday 07/11/2008

I already have all the specified cards.
Please close, mods.
Thank you! smiley

I want 2 buy sum banger card so if any1 is willing 2 sell message me plz .__.

Bought one on the market.

Please close.

Louise 2k

Clara 2.2ksmiley

Your best bet would be to sell on the market then buy the Cr(s) you want. Since they will drop in price hurry and unload them. smiley
Good luck though.

Close this

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Close please

Cloze plz

I willing to buy Lou for 900, anybody?

Ill buy him for 180 clints??...Pm me

I have a maxed out Louise and I need a Rolph. Willing to negotiate.

Hey i give you Tanaereva R, Kenny R, Chikko Cr and Chad Bread Cr for Skullface Cr. Let me know whats up.

Buying Splata for 80,000 clintz. Pm me if interested

thursday 06/11/2008

I will buy him for 21,000

pm me w/offers

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