thursday 06/11/2008

I have an unused Boris

Well u don't have to be so hostile transylvanian

Any Offers?>.>

Will buy for between 600-900 preferably level 3+

wednesday 05/11/2008

You might want to look on the french boards for a card like that smiley

Buying many nahi Cr's for 30,000 Clintz each.

Please message me or put into private sale.

Thank you - MR Rochey.

I need Sheitane for complete the caln nightmare if someone of you can sell she to me for a good price contact with a P.M.

I got 1wanda 1 gwen 4 noon stevens and 3 svetlana i think.. all 1 star.. offer me..

Plz sell me something

Mods, please close. smiley

Close the post

Im trying to find someone that will sell a 0 exp Bristone for 450-500. Hit me up if your willing.

Chikko+1000 clintz for charlie is ok? smiley

I will consider exchanging vickie for vholt, get in touch with me whne you have him

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