wednesday 05/11/2008

Put it up in the private market (800-1000 for vladimir, 1000 for rolph) and Ill buy them from yousmiley

Okay no longer need Kerozinn Cr and no longer have any Chikkos

----> Close please

Thank you everyone who traded with me!

I cant seem to figure out how to lock this.

so im just going to say "LOCKED" ^.^

Closed it plz i dont have clintz to buy card now

I'II buy Kenny for 15k. no reason for asking more becouse I don't have more..

I got 20 0xp wanda's make me an offer through pm

Is i t0xp?if i ts nt ill go 7200 in cardws

Buying wanda and gwen at 1*
pm me for the price..thanks smiley

Dont leave pointless comments please and yes im SELLING him

I have sigmund cr send me a private message to speak about

tuesday 04/11/2008

Close please. smiley

Ok i need more offers plz

Thank you For Trading me Marlysa Cr for My first offer , This CAN BE CLOSSED I got my Marlysa Cr smiley

Got him. thank you very much.
mods pls close the thread. thank you

Bloodh for 5k Dont have more Clintz

Plz dont spam..
I´m not back online till 8.00 am Mid Europe Time +1

I'm also looking for a cheap Hawkins. PM me, or post offers here. smiley

Trading Miss Chloe for a Dorian

Close this pls.. sorry for double post..

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